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Leo Goudal | President | Alpha Delta Phi

Hi, my name is C. Leo, and I am a second year student at the University of British Colombia – pursuing a degree in Science. I joined Alpha Delta Phi in my first year, as I was interested in furthering my university experience by the strong brotherhood and leadership opportunities. I saw Alpha Delta Phi as being not only the oldest house on campus, but also the only literary fraternity, allowing me to pursue academic excellence. The brother’s diversity and involvement on campus with their philanthropy initiatives, excellence in sports, and through working within other UBC organizations has lead to fine men and an outstanding alumni network. In my own life, Alpha Delta Phi has lead me to opportunities of employment in microbiology labs and the UBC Hospital.


Levi Chapman | President | Alpha Epsilon Pi

Name’s Levi Chapman and this is my last year here at UBC. I am the current President of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. I love lifting heavy weights, playing tennis and writing love poems. In my spare time, I am in the faculty of Kinesiology. I love meeting new people and can’t wait to see what the rest of 2017 brings!

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Levi De la Giroday | President | Beta Theta Pi

Levi joined Beta Theta Pi in 2013 and is going into his final year in the faculty of Kinesiology. Originally from Vancouver, his academic specializations and career interests stem from passions in rehabilitation and the quality of life improvements that come with exercise. Throughout his tenure at UBC, he has been a volunteer for the British Columbia Special Olympics, Spinal cord rehabilitation at iCORD, has competed in a Scotiabank Half Marathon, and the Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic bodybuilding competition. Levi has also performed solos in the Chan Centre with the UBC Men’s Choir, & has previously been the Risk Management Chair for the Interfraternity Council. Levi has also held the position of Risk Management Chair, Pledge Educator, and House Manager for Beta Theta Pi at UBC and is honoured to be the President this year.

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Cole Lesueur | President | Delta Kappa Epsilon

Cole Lesueur is a fourth year Economics Major with a minor in Commerce. Hailing from Port Coquitlam BC, he has been involved in DKE and the greek community at large since joining in 2014. He believes that fraternities provide an exceptional social outlet to augment any post-secondary experience. “The leadership and organization skills that I have learned throughout my time here at DKE are priceless. I couldn’t imagine my time here at UBC any differently”.

Cole’s most outstanding achievement was working with his executives to present this year’s signature philanthropy initiative: Scott Trapp Stick-It to Cancer Memorial Tournament. This year, DKE was able to raise over a staggering $40,000 for cancer research dedicated to their lost brother. “I’m so honoured to be part of such a great event. The greatest thing I can do with my time here is to inspire the next group of exceptionally driven gentlemen”.

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Alex Toth | President | Kappa Sigma

My name is Alex and I’m the President of Kappa Sigma’s Epsilon-Epsilon chapter at The University of British Columbia. I pledged Kappa Sigma in the fall of 2014 after moving to Vancouver from Hong Kong and it was the best choice I’ve made. I found my place at Kappa Sigma alongside men from over twenty-five different countries that all want to excel academically, become leaders, and give back to our community.  Kappa Sigma is the largest and most preferred Men’s Fraternity in North America and I feel extremely fortunate to have met brothers from across North America. At UBC we have brothers involved in almost every aspect of student life. I encourage you to stop by the fraternity village and see how Kappa Sigma is setting the new standard in the fraternity world; we’re the first house on the left!

Robert Simpson - Phi Delt

Robert Simpson | President | Phi Delta Theta

Hi, I’m Rob and I am the current president of the BC Alpha chapter of Phi Delta Theta and a 3rd year student majoring in Economics. I joined Phi Delt in the Fall of 2014 after moving here from Denver, Colorado and I have not looked back since. The connections I have made and the experiences I have had since joining have been priceless. Your parents always tell you that college is the best time of your life, and my time at Phi Delt has shown me that this is true. Although we have one of the largest chapters on campus, our brotherhood is extremely close. We have brothers who are involved in all areas across campus. If you don’t believe me, just ask brother Santa Ono, the current president of the University. Our chapter boasts two of the last four AMS Presidents of this school, Bill Sauder, and an alumni network hard to rival throughout the world. I encourage you to stop by the house and check out what Phi Delt can offer you.

Danny Shippen - Psi U

Danny Shippen | President | Psi Upsilon

Hi, I’m Danny, president of Psi Upsilon Fraternity here at UBC. Heading into my final year of school it is hard to imagine what my university experience would have been like without all the amazing experiences I’ve had thanks to my time in Psi Upsilon. I grew up in a small city just outside of Seattle, and knew barely anyone when I came to UBC. Choosing to go through rush was one of the best decisions I made during my time here because it helped bring me into my Psi Upsilon where I’ve made some of my best friends, but also introduced me to a lot of other awesome people in the Greek community here at UBC. I was drawn to Psi Upsilon because of how genuine the people I met here were, and the brotherhood they shared. Whether it’s a night out, playing sports, studying, or just having a chill night in, there is always a group of brothers down to join you. Joining Psi Upsilon provides you with the perfect opportunity to meet new people, make friends, give back to the community, and take on leadership opportunities. I’ve been fortunate enough to watch this organization grow these past 4 years and am excited to see what’s in store for us this year. Hope to meet you this September and if you have any questions about rush don’t hesitate to reach out.

Trevor - Sigma Chi

Trevor Scott | President | Sigma Chi

My name is Trevor Scott and I am the President of the Sigma Chi Fraternity – Delta Omicron Chapter. Our chapter has a wide range of talented and accomplished individuals, with members leading our campus in everything from student government to varsity athletics. I am a 4th year Speech Sciences major and joined Sigma Chi in my 3rd year. I was first drawn to Sigma Chi because of its reputation. It is the second largest Fraternity in North America with over 300,000 members and 244 active chapters. I have found Sigma Chi to be a place where I am surrounded by driven and successful people who I am proud to call my friends.

Zeta Psi Pres

Sawyer Clemens | President | Zeta Psi

Zeta Psi is a historic, elite, and intimate brotherhood. Since our chartering, as the first fraternity on the UBC campus, we have taken pride in the quality and ability of men we invite to join. Zeta Psi is also established at the best schools in the United States and Canada, and from them, recruits the finest of men — leaders, scholars, athletes, and philanthropists. It is possible to find brothers wearing letters on the street who you’ve never met and have an instant friend and a great conversation — because each brother cares deeply about being a Zete and the brotherhood. A uniquely valuable sense of community stems from our intimate size and elite style that groups with 100, 200 or more chapters—at any campus that requests membership—can’t match. That sense of real brotherhood is very important to us, and it’s why we have such involved, life-long alumni.


President | Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI)